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Marketing Services

You benefit by marketing your property the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices way, using an individually tailored marketing approach.

Staging the Home
We assist you in effectively staging your home.

Attention to the exterior and interior appearance of your home
generally reduces market time.
Proper staging increases final sales prices.

Information Sheets
Individually prepared written information on your home enhances the marketing process.

Buyers and other agents are made aware of the unique and
sometimes hidden features of your home.
Information sheets act as a reminder of the advantages of your
property when compared with properties competing for the same

Area-Wide REALTOR® Preview
Property information is immediately distributed to all REALTORS®.

A sophisticated computer network links almost all REALTOR® offices in the Bloomington and Monroe County area, creating a first-day positive marketing response.
Your home will be toured by all Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sales associates the next Tuesday after listing your home.

Multiple Listing Service
We cooperate with all members of the local Board of REALTORS® as well as non-member firms.

Your property is available to real estate agents of other real estate
Total cooperation with all licensed real estate agents in the State of Indiana improves your market position.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices maintains an extensive newspaper advertising program in the Bloomington and Monroe County area.

Each week, thousands of readers are made aware of your home by reading the Homefinder publication. When you list with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, your home will be advertised in every publication until it's sold!
Consistent advertising in other publications about our company
brings Buyers to our doors. We then tell them about your home.
Extensive signage is used whenever possible to steer Buyers past
your home.

Public Open Houses
Open houses are held when consistent with your marketing needs.

This exposes your home to potential Buyers who would not have otherwise seen the property.
It guarantees immediate professional assistance to interested

REALTOR® Open Houses
If appropriate, your home will be held "open" at predetermined times to show other REALTORS® the features and benefits of your home.

Open houses can assist in generating immediate interest.
Our personal presence facilitates marketing and minimizes inconveniences.