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Moving Tips

     M-Day (Moving Day) Minus Six Weeks

Change address at post office (effective on moving day). Keep a list of needed address changes; check off as you notify. Change magazines and other computer-addressed mail now.
Start a file of vital papers and reminders (an accordion file or three-ring binder keeps them in their proper categories).
Get estimates from moving companies. Plan ahead if moving in peak season, June through September.
     M-Day Minus Five Weeks

Select moving company, confirm moving date and decide who will pack your things: professionals or yourself. Paid packers typically come the day before M-Day.
Start sorting. Decide what to move, what to sell, give away, discard. Give away houseplants. Trim down as much as possible before take-off. Be ruthless.
Sketch the floor plan of your new home and determine furniture placement. Inventory your possessions, with value and year of purchase if possible. Photo records are best.
Start do-it-yourself packing: seldom-used dishes, glassware, books, off-season clothes, workshop, garage, garden tools, hobby equipment. Establish staging area for packed cartons so they won't be underfoot.
     M-Day Minus Four Weeks

Take care of legal contracts (on your own or with the help of an attorney, insurance agent, accountant, and/or a relocation advisor). Include:
  • credit cards, bank accounts, charge accounts
  • utilities and telephone services
  • memberships in social, athletic and religious organizations
  • insurance: homeowners, automobile, medical, life and disability
  • employment agreements
  • wills, trust, and other legal or financial matters
  • leased products and services
Talk with your veterinarian about moving your pets, and get their medical records. Allow extra time if needed shots require a waiting period in between.
Families with small children, "hide" a few small toys/games to put into the "CARE" package, so they'll feel new and special when they're unpacked at the new house.
     M-Day Minus Three Weeks

Arrange for children's medical/dental records and school transcripts. Ask doctors and dentists to recommend colleagues in the new city.
Fill prescriptions and get copy from doctor for new pharmacist.
Drop off dry cleaning and make a note to yourself to pick it up later!
     M-Day Minus Two Weeks

Check your address-change list -- has everyone been notified?
Make reservations for the trip.
Arrange to have appliances serviced for the move, if needed.
Do-it-yourselfers, start packing often-used belongings.
Plan farewell parties and visits for this week.
     M-Day Minus One Week

Return borrowed items, library books; collect anything borrowed from you.
Cancel newspaper delivery, effective on M-Day.
Plan meals and snacks, to minimize shopping and use up on-hand food. Have "quick-fix" foods ready for M-Day, or plan to eat out or carry in.
Consider having kids go to friends or the babysitter for M-Day.
Plan to secure pets or have them go to friends or the kennel for M-Day.
Have car checked for trip.
Arrange to have utilities turned on in the new location.
Empty oil and gas from the lawnmower and other equipment.
Pack everything in the kitchen that you can do without until you unpack at the new home.
Begin your "CARE" package for the big move, to use until your belongings are unpacked. Start a specially-marked box for items like: canned goods, basic cooking and serving utensils, paper plates, plastic cups and "silverware", paper towels or napkins, soap, washcloths and towels, a roll of toilet paper, travel alarm clocks, flashlight with fresh batteries, light bulbs, fuses, screwdrivers, hammer, duct tape, pliers, wrench, snacks, special toys/games for children. (Later, we'll include a few more last-minute items.)
     M-Day Minus One Day

Empty, defrost, and clean the fridge.
Get traveler's checks. Empty your safety deposit box.
Finish packing suitcase with personal belongings to use until the moving van arrives at your new home.
Finish packing kitchen things.
Complete packing your "CARE" carton of essentials: coffee pot, toiletries, can opener, sufficient cash, credit cards, keys to both the old and new houses, checkbook, ID cards. Make sure this box is taken with you and not sent with the movers, loaded last and unloaded first.
Load the car, if you are driving to your new home. Pack favorite picnic food to save money.

Strip the beds.
Load last-minute items in car, including the "CARE" package.
Be available to movers for questions and suggestions, but don't try to supervise the van packing. Be sure the movers know how to contact you before arrival at the new home.
Check rooms, garage, attic, cupboards, closets, drawers, dishwasher, washer, and dryer for missed items. Empty garbage.
Sweep or vacuum (borrow neighbor's vacuum!).
Leave appliance manuals, warranties, neighbors names. Give the new owner your new address so stray mail can be forwarded.
Say goodbye to your former home as you give it a final check. Lock up. Leave the keys and garage door openers in the designated place.
Take off for your new home!
     Moving Tips Upon Arrival At Your New Home

Make sure all your public utilities are notified when to start service. See our utility transfer sheet for addresses and phone numbers.
Have your stove serviced - check pilot light.
Also check the pilot light on hot water heater and furnace.
Have refrigerator, washer, dryer and television checked.
Call your new post office at 331-4553 for your mail - they may be holding some for your arrival.
Have your driver's license address changed and register your cars five days after arrival to avoid possible penalties upon getting your new license plates. Do these things at the license branch located at 118 S. Rogers St.
Visit city offices at 401 N. Morton to register for voting.
Register your family in your new place of worship.
Register your children in school. Call the Monroe County School Corporation at 330-7700.
Contact our newspaper, the Bloomington Herald-Times, at 332-4401 for home deliveries.
Establish local charge accounts.
Select a new doctor, dentist, pediatrician, veterinarian, etc. Call the Bloomington Hospital Physicians Referral service at 335-5252.
Check with your attorney concerning possible revisions in your will.
Have locks changed on your new home and most important, have adequate insurance coverage.
All dogs and cats within Bloomington city limits must be licensed. Local veterinarians can license your pets or you can contact the Animal Shelter at 3410 Old St.Rd.37 South or call them at 349-3492.
Consider joining one of Bloomington's social and civic groups.
Acquaint yourself with local shopping areas, try starting with the College Mall located on East 2nd Street or try Fountain Square and the downtown shopping district.