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Why Choose Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices?

bullet Market Share - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Agents are the most effective sales agents in the Greater Bloomington area. 
bullet Full Time Agents – All sales associates are FULL TIME agents. Your real estate needs are our top priority.
bullet Every associate has a computer on his or her desktop networked throughout the office, to the Internet and connected to the Board of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service.
bullet Over 200 years! Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices associates have over 200 years combined real estate experience! Rely on our solid background to guide you through the details of buying or selling your home.
bullet Diversity in sales experience – Our agents have expertise in condominium sales, new construction, first time buyers, transferees, retirees, move-up buyers and general residential sales. We also handle commercial sales & leases.
bullet Qualified to Buy! – Buyers we work with have had the benefits of a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent prequalifying them for financial ability to buy. Buyers don’t waste time looking at properties they can’t afford, and sellers are assured that every buyer from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has the ability to buy their home.
bullet Professional Designations - Our experienced associates have earned multiple professional designations. You can be assured that your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent knows what she or he is doing!
bullet Our convenient location makes it easy for you and others to find our office and to conduct real estate business.  See Find Us.
bullet Our Office Building – Our new, modern, attractive, smoke-free offices provide you a comfortable and quiet place to seriously consider your real estate transaction, whether you’re listing your home for sale or seeking a new one.
bullet Excellent Company Reputation - Our Company reputation and name recognition means that buyers and sellers respect Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, and in turn you as our customer will be afforded the respect you deserve when negotiating sales and purchases.
bullet Large Company - As a large company, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices provides you full service".
bullet Broad Based Client Base – Our wide ranging customer/ client base provides an extensive network of buyer and seller referrals. Many listings or purchases occur within just a few days.
bullet Professional Relationships – Familiarity and professional relationships with other professionals (lenders, title companies, lawyers, appraisers, etc.) allows our agents to complete your transaction as efficiently as possible.
bullet Board of REALTOR® Participation – We actively participate within the Bloomington Board of Realtors which provides an excellent working relationship with cooperating companies. This effort in our business community translates to a better working relationship with agents at other companies. That’s important to you when you are negotiating a purchase or sale of another company’s listing.
bullet Information Packages – Our carefully composed Buyer and Seller Information packages educate our clients to the realities of the real estate market. Clear perspectives mean win-win sales for everyone!
bullet Experienced Support Staff - Our full time and experienced staff provides you courteous professional service when you call or visit.
bullet Organized Inventory - Our inventory of properties is organized and readily available to all agents. When someone sees a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sign or ad, any of our agents can explain the home’s finest points.
bullet We know what’s happening! – Through technology and our highly trained staff, we know in an instant when someone is showing a home or wanting to look at one of our listings. This means our sellers get better feedback, and our buyers are notified of any changes that take place on a listing. Every day our fine staff makes sure our agents are updated with all new information. We’re "on top of it"!